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Working with stakeholders such as neighbours, the council and workcover, Bayus Civil aims to minimise disruptions for your demolition job


For all demolitions in Sydney, we provide all public protections along with labour, equipment and and supervision for every demolition. We aim to control dust and noise emissions for all demolition work and we continually monitor our processes, ensuring we are within regulatory guidelines. 


Bayus Civil encourages environmentally respectful demolition which minimises landfill. EPA-approved sorting and recycling facilities are used for all material removed from site, recyclable material is sent to the correct, Australian Standards- based facilities and green waste will be mulched for garden use.

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Detailed Excavation

Detailed excavation includes small house-sized jobs and tight access sites.

Bulk Excavation

Bulk excavation services in Sydney will include basement carparks and underground facilities, footings and trenches, large commercial sites and pool excavations

Removing Asbestos Roofing
Asbestos Removal

Asbestos products should only be removed by accredited and qualified professionals.

Bayus Civil provides expert asbestos removal in Sydney. We can make your property asbestos free without putting your employees, customers and family at risk. We use industry-compliant techniques and correct disposal of asbestos to make your property safe. 

We equip our employees with the correct protective gear and equipment, and prevent accidental emission of fibres into the environment with sheeting, pipes and insulation. 

Our experience and training will deliver a precise, methodical and safe asbestos removal for both private domestic and commercial customers.

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Bayus Civil offers cost effective and timely solutions and solve a situation when excavation is deemed unsafe or neighbouring properties are being compromised.

For shoring projects in Sydney we have watertight and structural earth retention solutions for steel, wood, concrete and earth shoring. 

We provide services for both tight spaces such as home swimming pools, or large scale construction sites. We can also offer shoreline protection solutions for coastal properties. 


Remediation involves reclamation of polluted sites through the removal of contaminated materials, regeneration and restoration.


Bayus Civil has the required highly specialised knowledge and an experienced team ready to deal with contaminated material.

We clear and validate your site and can provide a waste classification report. We then conduct a remediation removal plan to ensure your project is ready.

For all remediation projects in Sydney, Bayus Civil use the latest sample testing methods to ensure no ongoing risk, and work with experts in the industry. Your excavation and remediation project is in safe hands.

Strip Outs

A strip out is a process where a house, apartment or business is readied for refurbishment or renewal.

This process involves taking out installations, fixtures, and finishes from the property, like floors, plaster, cabinets, light fittings, and appliances.


We ensure the building’s structural integrity and overall framework are maintained during the process. We also ensure that all materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner to reduce any unwanted landfill.

Bayus Civil is your trusted partner for your office, commercial, business or private home strip out in Sydney.

strip outs
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